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Grateful Home Services was formed in 2005 for the purpose of providing our customers with quality flooring. Our primary product was, and remains, rubber flooring for fitness centers. We are proud to say that our main customer is Planet Fitness. As the years went by, we saw the need for additional products. To fill that need, GHS of North America was formed in 2013 to help fitness center owners with their electronic needs. GHS offers complete TV rail systems, fencing systems, and electronic raceways that can eliminate the need for knee walls.




 Rail System assemble 

Platinum system; 

This assembly consists of  complete UL listed components for use with 600 volt and below wiring and low voltage wiring within the assembled raceway system. All external components are powder coated per the requested colors selected by your company. Our proposal includes two colors as depicted in the attached rendering. All poles and connections will be set at 41” on center.    


 Premium system;

 Raceway & Power includes one powder coated 12" electrical junction box for each equipment run, Powder coated rail troth that includes one 120Vac outlet and "RG6"coax connection and "cat6" ethernet connector per 41" centers. prewired and "UL" listed as a complete assembly. All wire and cable cut to be installed on site. Assembly quoted and built to existing club layout plans. 


Gold System;

  Raceway and Power option includes one powder coated 12" electrical junction box and powder coated troth per equipment run. With 120Vac outlet and coax RG6 connection spaced at 41". complete raceway is "UL" listed  as a complete assembly quoted and built for clubs existing layout plans. 


Silver System;

Raceway & power options include One Powder coated 12" electrical junction box with powder coated troth. Includes 120Vac outlet (only) raceway is "UL" listed as a complete assembly. Built as per customers site plans.  

Please allow 6 weeks for all Systems from time of order and approval for manufacturing.



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